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Media Releases

Transcript - NSW Skills Agreement

The Hon Brendan O'Connor MP

Minister for Skills and Training Dec 5.

Announcing "the federal Government, the Albanese Government, and Perrottet Government have reached agreement on delivering 120,000 TAFE and VET places for 2023...."

The State - Minister for Skills and Training (The Hon Alister Henskens MP)

State Shadow Minister for Skills and Training in NSW (The Hon Tim Crakanthorp)

The Federal Minister for Skills and Training (The Hon Brendan O'Connor)

Shadow Minister for Industry, Skills and Training (The Hon Sussan Ley MP)

NSW State Election 23 TCA

TCA Briefing Paper NSW State Elections 2023

"There is a need to rebuild TAFE NSW in physical, human and online terms, with centres for access, equity and excellence. TAFE colleges need t o be revitalized as continuous connected learning centres, engaging community, commercial and technical interests."

TCA Shadow Minister meeting 10-11-2022

Questions to the Minister

Federal Budget: TAFE at the heart of Labor’s economic plan?

"In contrast to almost ten years of a conservative Federal Government that continued the marketisation of the VET sector and introduced such disastrous policies as VET FEE-HELP, the Albanese Labor Government made it clear from the start that it was committed to rebuilding vocational education and training through TAFE institutes and that it saw TAFE as fundamental to its economic plan."

Linda Simon writing for Pearls and Irritation Nov 2022

Made in Australia: will Labor get the job done with free TAFE?

"Vocational education needs investment and reforms to ensure Australia’s prosperity: Anthony Albanese has revealed how Labor will meet the challenge.

Linda Simon writing for Pearls and Irritation Dec 2021


Who we are

The TAFE Community Alliance is an advocacy and strategy group established in 2013. It recognises the central role of the public VET provider in the building of social, cultural and economic capacity of communities across NSW. The group of former TAFE educators and community development leaders advocate for the TAFE system as an integral part of the VET system in Australia. 

Party responses to this inquiry for NSW election 2023.

One of the important issues facing a new or re-elected state government will be to rebuild TAFE NSW. At a time of critical skills shortages, NSW needs a strong and vibrant TAFE system meeting the vocational and adult education needs of all citizens in NSW. See the briefing paper from the TAFE Community Alliance.

Alex Greenwich MP - full response

The Greens Party - full response

The Labor Party - full response

No matter who you are TAFE is open to everyone.

TAFE gives everyone a second chance, the opportunity to learn skills for employment and an opportunity to contribute to the community. If you are uncertain about your career or need more education and training; TAFE has always been there - affordable, accessible - providing great quality education and professional specialist student support. There is a TAFE College in every community across NSW.

The Alliance has been critical of government policies and funding. It has been particularly critical of the so-called competitive industry-led training market. It has asserted that competition between training organisations has not resulted in improved choice and quality of training for students or a more responsive system to the skills needs of the nation. It has resulted, on the contrary, in higher fees, rorts by private providers, fewer courses in fewer locations and a marked reduction in the quality of teaching and learning among many other problems and issues highlighted in government and statutory agency inquiries over the last two decades. The industry-led system continues to be criticized by industry! 

TCA Spokespersons

Linda SimonsLinda Simon: Full profile

Extract: "Linda has been a school teacher, TAFE teacher and now teaches at Charles Sturt University in adult education. 

For most of her working life she has been an active union member holding positions such as Secretary of the TAFE Teachers Association for over 15 years, and Federal TAFE President with the Australian Education Union for six years."

Jozefa SobskiJozefa Sobski AM: Full profile

Extract: "Jozefa Sobski AM has been active women's, feminist and community organisations for many years. She is currently: