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Linda SimonsLinda Simon: Full profile

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The State - Minister for Skills and Training (The Hon Alister Henskens MP)

State Shadow Minister for Skills and Training in NSW (The Hon Tim Crakanthorp)

The Federal Minister for Skills and Training (The Hon Brendan O'Connor)

Shadow Minister for Industry, Skills and Training (The Hon Sussan Ley MP)

NSW State Election 23 TCA

TCA Briefing Paper NSW State Elections 2023

"There is a need to rebuild TAFE NSW in physical, human and online terms, with centres for access, equity and excellence. TAFE colleges need t o be revitalized as continuous connected learning centres, engaging community, commercial and technical interests."

TCA Shadow Minister meeting 10-11-2022

Questions to the Minister

Federal Budget: TAFE at the heart of Labor’s economic plan?

"In contrast to almost ten years of a conservative Federal Government that continued the marketisation of the VET sector and introduced such disastrous policies as VET FEE-HELP, the Albanese Labor Government made it clear from the start that it was committed to rebuilding vocational education and training through TAFE institutes and that it saw TAFE as fundamental to its economic plan."

Linda Simon writing for Pearls and Irritation Nov 2022

Made in Australia: will Labor get the job done with free TAFE?

"Vocational education needs investment and reforms to ensure Australia’s prosperity: Anthony Albanese has revealed how Labor will meet the challenge.

Linda Simon writing for Pearls and Irritation Dec 2021


Party responses to this inquiry for NSW election 2023.

Alex Greenwich MP - full response

TAFE Community Alliance State Election Policy Platform

 I refer to the TAFE Community Alliance proposals to rebuild a strong, vibrant and accessible TAFE NSW that meets the community’s education and training needs into the future. 

TAFE NSW has been at the forefront of post-school education and training for over a century, providing access to skills and qualifications development to gain employment including opportunities to upskill and retrain in times of economic or personal change. I have opposed the systematic erosion of TAFE over the last decade and remain committed to restoring TAFE as the leading provider of vocational education and training in the state. Changes have done nothing more than increase fees, reduce access and erode the quality of education and training available in the state. 

I agree that TAFE NSW needs a funding boost from the state government that exceeds or at least matches Commonwealth funding and that efficiency dividends and focuses on profit are detrimental to the provision of quality education and training. I have been especially concerned about access to education and training for the most vulnerable members of the community and strongly support restoring TAFE access and equity commitments. Reforms are needed to ensure that training fees are affordable to all students across the state as changes have made many courses inaccessible. 

Quality teachers and educational staff are the foundation of a world-class education and training system and TAFE teachers need recognition and remuneration with funding and investment to focus on internal professionals, including better employment conditions and permanent staff positions. 

If I am re-elected, I will continue to defend and advocate for investment in and rebuilding of TAFE NSW. 

A little more from Alex Greenwich

Future TAFE - Alex Greenwich › future_tafe TAFE provides important training for more than 70 per cent of Australia's technical workforce. Research by the Australia Institute's Centre for Future Work