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Election Survey

We invited Liberal, Labor and the Greens to provide us with a response to three questions:

  1. What will your Party do to ensure that TAFE remains the major provider of vocational education and training in Australia?
  2. Will your Party commit to additional funding for vocational education and training, particularly to be targeted for TAFE delivery, as part of your election commitments?
  3. Will you agree to undertaking further work on the National Inquiry into TAFE following the elections?




The Green's Response


The Australian Greens acknowledge the vital role played by TAFE in providing vocational education and training courses nationally. We understand the role that TAFE has to play as a fundamental asset in terms of ensuring that this country produces generation after generation of skilled workers.

The Greens $1.2 billion TAFE rescue package will revitalise TAFE and secure its rightful place as Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training.

The Australian Greens believe that critical skills shortages are a looming threat to Australia’s society and economy. TAFE funding is being slashed and TAFE is being forced to compete with private providers for public funding. We need to prioritise public funding for TAFE to keep vocational education and training strong. TAFE campuses are closing, courses cut, students are in debt to pay rising fees, and teachers are losing their jobs.

To provide the high-level skills and workforce development so vital to our economic future, the Greens will deliver an extra $400 million per year for TAFE, at an overall cost of $1.2 billion over the forward estimates from 1 July 2014.

The Greens will protect TAFE’s viability as our leading provider of skills training by ensuring TAFE is the preferred funded provider of courses where it can supply those courses.

In committing to campaign for continued increases to budgetary support for TAFE, the Australian Greens will continue to pay close attention to the work undertaken by and the progress of the National Inquiry into TAFE.

5 September 2013